Welcome to Social Bridge Online

Haven’t seen your partner in six months? Now you can play bridge together in a relaxed and comfortable environment -- and it's free!

After searching for the best gaming site, the ACBL Educational Foundation* collaborated with Trickster Bridge to make this the destination for social bridge online. Together we bring you casual bridge-playing at its best. Sign-up is as simple as entering your email. No other registration information is required.

Social Bridge Online is already a hub where you can play bridge, but (in the near future) you’ll be able to find supplies, compatible partners, and tips for making your game more enjoyable – just to name a few things.

Duplicate players worldwide have their own organizations – even their own magazines! Plenty of other online sites offer duplicate play, learning, and discussion, too.

Social bridge players – it's your turn now!

Whatever you call it – social bridge, rubber bridge, party bridge, or something else – we know that millions of you play bridge regularly and we need your input to further develop this site. What would you like to see us include? Please let us know here.

What is Trickster Bridge?

What if you could ...

  • Handpick your own foursome to play bridge?
  • Schedule your own regular game?
  • Activate the camera on your device so you really are playing face-to-face with the three other people at your table?
  • Play a bridge game in one hour instead of three?

You can do it all on Trickster Bridge fee-free! Simply sign-in with an email address and you're ready to play!

You can find video tutorials which will show you how to register, start a game, and enjoy the many features built into it here.

Online play is vital during this era of social distancing. But even after you go back to your regular weekly game in someone’s house, country club, or community center, Trickster Bridge will retain its value.

It will be there for you day and night, across time zones, offering the opportunity to play with out-of-town relatives and friends, and to play for as long as you wish. There is no fee to play.

Enjoy your game!

*The ACBL Educational Foundation became an independent nonprofit in 2017, and although “ACBL” is still in our name, our mission is to promote ALL types of bridge.

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Social Bridge Online / Bridge With Friends is a program of the ACBL Educational Foundation, an independent non-profit organization. One of the Foundation's missions is to develop a network of casual bridge players and encourage their engagement with the game. Further, it seeks to introduce more people of all ages and walks of life to the game, be it social, duplicate, or simplified stepping-stone bridge. We do not sell, distribute, or share your information with any third-party entities.