Grant Announced to Teach Bridge on U.S. Army Bases

The American Contract Bridge League Educational Foundation has recently approved a grant for a pilot program to teach bridge at U.S. Army bases.
"We're taking bridge back to the military," announced Robert Todd, Vice President of the ACBL Educational Foundation. "As we focus on places where bridge can grow and flourish, this is an exciting opportunity to expand the number of bridge players and engage younger players."
Bridge had been a widespread military pastime, especially popular during Eisenhower's command. Retired Colonel Lon Sunshine was captivated by the game's challenges, mental stimulation, and teamwork and wanted to reinstate the game's place in military life.
Col. Sunshine approached Patty Tucker, a recent inductee into the Bridge Hall of Fame, to help him encourage and teach military personnel to play the game. The two approached ACBLEF and were awarded a grant to develop a pilot program at military bases in the U.S. within close proximity to existing bridge clubs.
To date, Fort Jackson in Columbia, SC, has been selected as one of the three Army bases for the pilot program. They are looking for help in identifying other Army bases with active and retired military personnel who are interested in learning to play the game or hone their bridge skills.
Bridge clubs located near the bases will provide access to game play opportunities, identify potential teachers, and furnish class space if necessary. Materials and teachers' fees will be covered within the grant.
"I come from a family with a strong military background and am delighted to have this opportunity to share the love of the game of bridge," said Ms. Tucker. "Besides being fun, playing bridge can improve your memory while developing new planning and strategy skills. We find bridge players see these benefits translate well in life, both inside and outside the military!"

"Our goal at ACBLEF is to find target audiences and implement new programs that promise to yield the most new, active players – not just duplicate players, but social players as well," said Todd.

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About the ACBL Educational Foundation:

The ACBL Educational Foundation is an independent 501c(3) nonprofit that makes grants to pursue its mission, and partners with the ACBL and others. 

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